insert epic + awesome site title here

hi we are the carina collective!!! named after the carina nebula :) we use xe/they pronouns collectively - eventually i (chaos) will figure out how to do individual alter intros :3 but that day is NOT today. >:]

we're bodily a minor + british indian and autistic with a few other Disorders (tm) for extra flavour. not sharing them on here u have to befriend us first (sfjgkhs)

uhmm general interests include: gaming (minecraft mostly), ttrpgs, coding (even though it makes me want to explode sometimes), reading + listening to music !! but most of the time we jsut scroll on th internet because ough. who doesnt

we're always up for making friends! we might be sporadic cuz college is . a Pain but we love talking to ppl :D

most recent update: changed background to something a little darker, removed the footer box + added a bio thing on main page